Dermaroller Titanium Tip - 540 Needles 0.75 Mm - Hair, Skin and Skin, Body Regenerator. massage tool

Dermaroller Titanium Tip - 540 Needles 0.75 Mm - Hair, Skin and Skin, Body Regenerator. massage tool

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It is the original La Miera Norel brand.
Approved and Registered by the Ministry of Health. Produced According to the Law of Cosmetics.

Packaging Specifications: Sterile Storage, boxed


The Dermaroller apparatus opens small channels on the skin and helps the stem cell extract to pass under the skin. 
It also triggers collagen production and contributes to the self-renewal of the skin. 
It may also increase the effectiveness of applied skin care products.

What Skin And Hair Problems Are Dermaroller Used For?

Spotted areas on the skin
Against skin cracks
Against hair loss problem
In under eye bruises
When you want to take anti-aging measures
In areas with cellulite
When you want to take precautions against wrinkles

In Which Areas of the Skin Is Dermaroller Used?

Dermaroller is used as a method against hair loss.
It can also be applied under the eyes, face, hands, areas with cellulite, and areas prone to occur against the appearance of cracks on the skin.

How Long Is the Dermaroller Used?

It is applied to the hair and skin as a cure.
It is recommended to be applied twice a day every day for the first four weeks, and once a day in the next stage.

How to Clean Dermaroller?

As Dermaroller medical products are known, in this way the material can be cleaned with sprays.
You can disinfect with La Miera Norel Disinfectant spray, which we sent together with Dermaroller as a gift.


For external use.
You will be in a place where children cannot reach and maintain the room.
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