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Welcome to La Miera Norel Cosmetic's Beauty and Care Creations,

We feel your emotions, understand your requirements and sensitivity,

We stand by you with our care and beauty product creations that will appeal to your wishes. 

We are with you through our Products that will brighten up your day!

We changed the nature of the Beauty and Care Industry with the concept that has never been so successful before,

We have developed a unique concept enabling everyone who Values Herself/ Himself, wants to look better and be happy in every moment of their life, enjoy the beauty experience. 

Knowing that our products are more than just a cosmetic product and that they are the best and most effective you may ever acquire, will undoubtfully make you feel even better.

We work for the "Best" as we emphasize in our slogan through the principle of "Health and Beauty hand in hand" and product categories aimed at protecting the health of Hair, Eyelash, Eyebrow and Skin, which are the most important accessories of a person and we confide in our products, believing that you will get a result from our products just as you desire,

Your positive feedback is our greatest source of pride, motivation and energy,

"Health and Beauty hand in hand";

Since well-groomed hair, eyelashes, hair and skin will bring beauty along with it, we primarily develop products that aim to provide the care required for Hair, Eyelashes, Eyebrows and Skin.

These unique products that will make you one step ahead of everyone else will also be the best thing to present to your loved ones and your guests.

Just as you wish ...

Currently we collaborate with our Laboratories to offer you some of new exciting products in the near future.

We promise they will have the strongest effect, just like all our products!

We hope you enjoy exploring the Women and Men Beauty and Care Products that convey the miracle of Nature and Technology to you ...

For our new product launches, please follow us at maxiporcosmetic - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and VK!

Please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Communications Representative, for all your questions regarding our products including weekends and holidays,

We promise we will always be easily accessible for you and respond all your questions very quickly except for extraordinary reasons,!

We have always been very close with our clients who use our products and we will sustain  our relations,

With warmest regards,

La Miera Norel Cosmetics Family,

Corporate Communications Representative 

Phone+90 536 396 04 99
Whatsapp Business+90 536 396 04 99
AddressBOEM Kozmetik - Akpınar Mahallesi Batman Bulvarı No:31 / B Bismil - Diyarbakır - TÜRKİYE
Social Media: lamieranorel - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, YouTube

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