Special Starter Set - Men's Hair Growth Serum - Hair Loss Shampoo - Dermaroller

Special Starter Set - Men's Hair Growth Serum - Hair Loss Shampoo - Dermaroller

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It is the original La Miera Norel brand.

Approved and Registered by the Ministry of Health. Produced According to Cosmetics.

Packaging Specifications: Serum: 50 ml, Liquid, Glass bottle boxed. Shampoo: 400 ml, PET Bottle, Thick liquid boxed. Dermaroller: Sterile Protection, boxed

Serum Intended Use:  
Supports the nourishing and strengthening of hair follicles, prevents hair loss, 
accelerates hair growth, good for the care of  damaged hair.
Helps yo to manage your hair easily to maintain the voluminous structure of the hair and makes them look dazzling than ever 
Suitable for all hair types. Maintains the oil balance of the hair. 
Not tested on animals in the product development and R&D endeavors.
Paraben free
Serum How to Apply:  
It is necessary to apply the lotion as two sessions a day and it is recommended to wash your hair every second application. During use, you can use the shampoo/ soap products already being used by you in your current daily routine or choose one of the hair washing products with high purity. Dry your hair completely after rinsing it with warm water. (It is not recommended to use such methods as blow dryer and similar hot air products damage the hair.)
After drying, making sure that the cap of the serum bottle is completely closed, shake it for 15 seconds.
To obtain an effective result; With the help of roller or comb, it is applied to ensure blood circulation in the part of the hair that lost or is prone to shedding and to ensure that the Lotion penetrates the pores better.
To apply the lotion to your hair, vacuum the solution from the bottle with the help of the  drip cap. Start dripping the product on the areas where you will apply the serum.
After the dripping process, start to massage the serum into your scalp for 1-2 minutes in a manner enabling the lotion to penetrate with the help of your fingertips.
Hair should not be washed after using the lotion.
For better results, keep at least 12 hours between each use.
If the lotion is applied in the morning after washing the hair, it is not necessary to wash the hair in the evening again. The lotion can be applied directly.

Shampoo Intended Use: 
Suitable for all hair types, you feel forest breeze with pine scent when using (Juniper tar content)
Supports the nourishing and strengthening of hair follicles. Hair is nourished from the hair follicles. Healthy and well-cared hair is does not fall. Especially good for the care of  damaged hair and has volumizing effect. Prevents dandruff
Apply on wet hair, massage onto scalp, rinse with plenty of water. It is a hair care product focused on making hair look voluminous, shiny and strong.
Not tested on animals in the product development and R&D endeavors.
Paraben free.
Shampoo How to Apply: 
Wet your hair. Take sufficient amount in your palm and froth it up. For best and effective reselts, massage onto scalp. Rinse with plenty of water

Dermaroller Usage Purpose and Method:
Dermaroller (Comb) increases the effectiveness of auxiliary products used for hair, opening micro channels in the applied area, allowing your serum or shampoo to easily pass through those micro holes, as a result, dermaroller both continues its own treatment and increases the effectiveness of by-products up to 95%. Thus, your hair will have a dense, lively and dense appearance.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and at room temperature. It should not be used by people who are hypersensitive to any substance in its content.
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